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The Pain Center of Western Washington is currently contracted and is a participating provider with most insurance carriers.

Due to the differences in plans you should check with your insurance company for the details of your plan, as we are not contracted with some of the HMO style plans, in most cases a referral will satisfy these plans.

If you do not see your carrier please feel free to contact our office or your carrier directly.
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The Pain Center is a consultant medical practice that specializes in minimally-invasive procedures for both diagnosing and treating painful conditions of the spine, headaches, arthritis, and nerve injuries or nerve pain.

Important information for your first visit includes the following:


                   The Pain Center requires a referral from either your primary care physician (PCP) or a specialist.


                   You must have a PCP in order to be seen at the Pain Center, and you  must maintain a PCP during the duration of your treatment here.  If you do not have a PCP, or end your relationship with your PCP during your treatment here, you will be required to obtain a new PCP before any treatment begins or continues.


                   All initial appointments are for consultation, evaluation, and recommendations  only.  No treatment or medications will be provided on your first visit.  Any recommended treatment will take place on subsequent visits, if indicated and agreed upon.


                    A complete report documenting your initial evaluation will be sent to your PCP and/or the referring physician within 5-10 days following your visit. You should follow up with your PCP / referring physician within several weeks after your evaluation to review the recommended treatment plan.


                    ThePain Center does not provide chronic medication management, either of opiate or non-opiate medication.  As a consultant service we will provide diagnostic services and treatment of your specific medical problem, and recommend a treatment plan for chronic or maintenance treatment to your PCP or referring physician. We may also provide referrals to other specialists for specific treatment, or for diagnostic tests.


We will work in conjunction with your other physicians to diagnose and treat your pain, and to try to make it more manageable. 

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